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Sunday, May 19, 2024

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Anonymous Dishonor/ Honor/ - Abduction/Kidnap Allegations Testimonies

Dishonor/ Honor/ - Abduction/Kidnap
Gender: Female

My family are from Pakistan. When i was 15 my father went back to Pakistan and came home with someone he said he wanted me to marry. This man was in his 30s didn’t speak English and was unattractive to me. One day my dad said he was taking the rest of the family away for a few days. Unbeknown to me He gave this man the keys to the house and his permission to beat me if i didn’t comply. I didn’t even speak my native language but this man spoke to me in it.

He used his little English to demand i cook for him. I did, then in the evening he shouted me to come to his room. When i got upstairs he invited me in to his room and said he had my fathers permission to marry me. I said Hell No, he locked the door behind me and proceeded to beat me with his thick leather belt. He kept asking me to agree, i said No continuously. He then told me no other man would want me.

He forced himself on me despite my protestations. I was a virgin, he broke my hymen, and i was bleeding from my vagina. . He then tied me up, handcuffed me and drove me to a nearby property that my dad usually rented out. He locked me in a basement and visited me every few hours to abuse and rape me.

I couldn’t believe my dad & mum had agreed to that. I managed to convince this man that i would marry him the next day so he cleaned me up and took me back home. I asked my dad if he had promised me to this man and if he had given him permission to beat and rape me if i said no. He replied yes. When my dad went out it el a Caucasian gf who said i could come and stay with her and her mom.

I had some savings so packed a bag and left when dad was out. This happens to a lot of Pakistani girls.

Age : 15
Dishonor/ Honor/ - Abduction/Kidnap
Gender: Female

My family are from Pakistan. I was born here and was going to an all girls school at the time when i was 14 years old. I would see a white boy who went to another school, but we seemed to cross paths each day when he started smiling at me when he saw me. He was well groomed and also went to a private boys school. One day he said hello to me and i reciprocated. Before long we became good friends, he asked me to go to the cinema with him, but i declined knowing my parents wouldn’t approve.

During the summer school holidays i bumped in to him at the park. He told me he’d been thinking about me every day and needed me to be his gf. I told him i felt same but that my parents were strict Muslims and wouldn’t condone it. He said we could still meet secretly, and i agreed because i was falling for this boy. About a week later when we met at the park we had started to kiss occasionally. During one of those moments when we were kissing, my older brother with his friends walked by.

My brother looked at me with disgust, and took a selfie of me and this boy. Then he shouted a word in our language that meant ‘ whore ‘. I was beside myself with worry about what would happen if he told my mom and dad. When i got home my parents were waiting for me. They wanted to know all the ins and outs about the boy i was friends with. They also wanted to know if i had been intimate with him. I said no, to which they were relieved. They said i should immediately stop seeing him as it was bringing dishonor on the family if it became widely known.

So i agreed to stop seeing him, but he was very upset about it. I told him maybe when i am 16 things may be different. However; unbeknown to me my parents had booked a holiday to go to Pakistan the following week, but they said i could stay behind with my aunt. I was very relieved as i didn’t want to go with them. Then 2 days before the departure date, my brother was ‘ unwell ‘, so they said he couldn’t travel and said i had to come instead. They supposedly re arranged fixed everything with tickets and flights. As it was all so last minute i didn’t suspect anything.

The day came and we took the flight to Pakistan. When we arrived the mood of my parents changed. They said they had found a man for me to marry. My reaction was ’ wtf, are you joking me ‘. I protested and started crying, asking my mom to not let it happen. But she said it was going to happen because they were worried i was getting too attached to the white boy and this wasn’t acceptable. They locked me in my room and said the man i was to marry would be coming that evening while they were out.

I dreaded what this man would be like because i had heard some horror stories about young girls being taken to Pakistan and married off to older men. I didn’t know what the laws were in the state where we were. My dad had my passport, and i was all alone. It appears the rest of the family were in on it. They had all gone out and left me locked in my room. About an hour later i heard the lock turn and i saw a neat looking man with his shirt tucked in to his high waisted trousers. He was in his late 30s with a large moustache.

He introduced himself and said my dad had offered him money as an inducement for him to marry me. I told him no way was i marrying him. His personality changed and he took hold of my wrist and shouted at me that i must do what my parents wanted. He said to me that he knew about my dalliance with a white boy, but my dad had assured him that i was still a ‘ clean ‘ girl who was ‘ unused ‘. He said i was too high spirited and westernised, and that i needed to be brought down and made humble.

Without warning he slapped me across the face hard, and pushed me on to the bed. He undid his belt and used a rope he brought with him to tie my wrists. I struggled like crazy shouting and crying, but no one else was in the property. He over powered me and attached the rope from my tied wrists to a meta bracket on the wall. He tied a handkerchief gag around my mouth, then ripped away my lower clothing so i was naked from the waist down. I begged him to not do anything and that we could talk when my mom and dad got back. He said he had full permission from my dad to treat me as property.

He then beat me with the belt continuously for about 5 mins. I was crying, and begging him to stop. When he did stop i was breathless, overwhelmed, scared and couldn’t believe this was happening to me. He untied me from the metal bracket and guided me to the bed where he overpowered me again and forcefully raped me for 20 mins, ejaculating while inside me. When my mom and dad came back they must have known something bad had happened, as i was still in the foetal position on the bed naked, and bleeding from my vagina.

My mom covered me and i could hear them arguing downstairs. A local doctor came and gave me some paracetamol. When he went downstairs i opened the whole packet and swallowed them all. The next i remember is waking up in the local hospital. I was there for a few days. I never saw the man who was meant to be my intended husband again. Days later we all got the plane home. I told my mom and dad that if they ever tried to marry me off again i would 100%  kill myself.

No one talks about what happened, but i was allowed to see the boy who was my friend, again. I have been so traumatized by this experience and don’t think i will ever have faith or love, or respect for my parents again.

Age : 14

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