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Thursday, Jun 13, 2024

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Anonymous Domestic Abuse Allegations Testimonies

Domestic Abuse
Gender: Female

My bf regularly slaps and hits me when he loses his temper. The last time he did this he gave me a black eye and when i went to the hospital they said i was concussed. He is always sorry and loving afterwards but i don't think i can carry on with him as i'm always scared when he loses his temper.

Age : 27
Year it happened: 2021
Domestic Abuse
Gender: Female

I think it's because when i had my first child my then husband who was twice my age. He was very abusive and controlling, and often raped in a matter of fact way it was common place . He forced me to nurse my 3 children up until they went to school aged 5 yrs. English isn't my first language, i'm originally from Italy. When i put my son to bed at night, my then husband would take over and feed until we both went to bed.

This would happen every single night, this caused my breasts to become over filled with milk by the morning, then it would start all over gain. same happened with my second child, so i had 10 years of continuously producing milk. So any touching or brushing against my chest area set off milk flow. Before i left him he told me that he knew this would happen, and that's why he did it. When i met him i was a naive lg.

He degraded and humiliated me and made me do things a nice young woman should not do. In the last year of our relationship he would have his friends come by the house and ' accidently ' brush against my chest, knowing my milk would start to flow. He took money from them and they would help him handcuff my hands behind my back and put me in a neck brace against wall so i couldn't bend forward, then rip my blouse and bra away from me exposing my breasts.

Then he allowed those who paid , to fondle and suckle my milk as i stood there helpless. they would also kneel and interfere with me. I eventually had enough courage to leave him, but to this day if my chest is brushed against milk flows out of me continuously for hours. Same with my vulva. It's ruined my life because any potential bf i meet who genuinely just comes in to contact with my chest area, sees the wet outlines caused by the start of milk production, and just assumes i'm really horny and want sex. I've been for a consultation with a doctor who said if i had botox it could stop the milk coming, but it's expensive and i'm not happy about having surgery.

Age : 18

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