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Wednesday, May 15, 2024

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Anonymous Inappropriate Touching Allegations Testimonies

Inappropriate Touching
Gender: Female

At school i was 15 years old, when we had certain lessons where there would be a film shown the seating was such that right at the very back row there were only 2 chairs. A boy who liked me would always find out beforehand when there was going to be a film, and make sure he was the first in the cue to go in to the classroom where the film would be shown. The blinds were always drawn and lights turned off so it was pitch black apart from the screen which was the white board at the very front of the class. Films would last between 20 to 40 mins. This boy saved the remaining seat at the back of Film class for me. At first i was flattered, but when the film started his hand would creep on to my thigh, then up my skirt as he rubbed my thigh. I moved his hand away and he would get close and lick my earlobe, which i liked, but couldn’t believe how brazen he was. I told him to stop, but because i had no experience of touching like this i was unhappy about his advances but liked some of it.

This went on for about 3 film classes. On the 4th when the film started he whispered in my ear ‘ i want to put my finger in  down there ‘. I went bright red but no one could see. He undid the zipper on the side of my skirt and slid his hand in at hip height, pulled my underwear to one side, at this point i put my hand on his to stop him. He reassured me that it was ok and moved my hand away, he then used his other hand to move my knee to one side thereby giving him access to me. He put his hand in my underwear . It felt nice but wrong. I wasn’t used to doing anything like this, but part of me liked it. After the film he asked me if i liked it and i just blushed. He continued to do it for 5 or 6 further films each time going further.   It scared me so i stopped sitting next to him despite him begging me to every time. I don’t know if i was assaulted with his inappropriate touching or if i consented. About 6 months later i saw him at a party, where we all had too much cider to drink. I was drunk and feeling confident. He took me outside behind a wall and said he’d been waiting for this moment. We kissed,  then proceeded to put his erect penis inside me. I had to get the morning after pill the next day, and have always felt guilty about my behaviour. I now make a point of not getting drunk because men are always around to take advantage of such stupid behaviour.

Age : 15

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