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Thursday, May 16, 2024

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We do not typically name victims of Rape & Abuse, but this story is already in the public domain.

Sexual Slavery New South Wales 1 July 2021

Extraordinary 'sex slave' contract signed by five girlfriends who ‘ forfeited their bodies, minds and will' to a ‘kinky sex overlord’ - as he's denied bail for 'keeping a woman in servitude'

·         James-Robert Davis, 40, was denied bail in the New South Wales Supreme Court on Monday afternoon

·         Court heard each of his five girlfriends have signed 'play' servitude contracts which aren't legally binding

·         Davis is accused of reducing a woman to servitude and keeping a slave - no charges relate to current partners



Five women who are dating a jailed 'kinky sex overlord' in a 'strange' polyamorous relationship signed servitude contracts before moving into his sprawling home, but his lawyer swears it was nothing more than 'play acting' that was not taken seriously.

James-Robert Davis was denied bail in the Supreme Court of New South Wales on Monday as he faces charges of slavery and reducing a woman to servitude.

He will categorically deny any wrongdoing, arguing the victim was well aware that the contract she signed was not legally binding between them.

His five current girlfriends, including one who is pregnant with his child, have all signed similar contracts, the court heard.

And yet each will testify that they are aware of the limitations of the document they signed, and do not feel compelled to stay in the relationship because of it.

Instead, the contract is meant to be an affectation of the 'play pretend' nature of their consensual, polyamorous BDSM relationship, the say.

'At no stage did my client exercise any real powers of ownership... There are aspects of play acting, affectations of slavery which do not amount to real slavery,' Davis' barrister Ian Lloyd QC said.

Daily Mail Australia has obtained a draft template of a contract that Davis reportedly issued to potential partners in the past, in which the 'submissive' agrees to 'forfeit elements of [their] body, mind and will'.

In the contract, the 'submissive' agrees to display affection whenever required and engage in 'predetermined kink events, kink related domestic and social activities, play parties and special days'.

The 'slave' signs over her sexuality and right to sexual gratification in the contract, which states that 'all sexual gratification whether by myself or others is a privilege granted at the grace and pleasure of my Owner'.

In total there are 20 clauses that a prospective 'submissive' must sign in the contract, which is reviewed first after three months and then renewed every six months.

The contract appears to be based on a broader template, given the names of Master/Slave are left blank, but was shared by an account named 'Master James' and specifically referenced the 'House of Cadifor', the name Davis gave to his 'BDSM family'.

Read the 'contract of fielty' reportedly given to Davis' potential partners

I Submissive ________, of sound body and mind solemnly agree to the following.

1:r03; I agree to enter into a contract of submission and servitude to ______, and upon signing hereby forfeit elements of my body, mind, and will to the ownership of the _______ as a token of my submission.

2:r03; I agree and understand that this will be enforced from the date of signing said contract for a period of three months, where on the completion of, my performance will be assessed and I may be offered a renewal of contract for a further six month period of engagement.

3:r03; I agree and understand that upon signing; that, as property of _______, I am a member of and subject under the general rules and regulations of the House of Cadifor, as well the overall authority of my Master; Master _____

4:r03; I agree and understand to be engaged to serve ______ in our personal life, in predetermined kink events, kink related domestic and social activities, play parties, or on other special days that _______ requires my services as dictated him.

5:r03; I agree and understand that I will display affection toward ______ as and whenever he sees fit, according to his needs and desires.

6:r03; I agree and understand that it is expected that if ______ wishes to partake in a recreational or social activity, and wishes for me to accompany him, that I will, wherever possible, do so, and endeavour to assist and serve as best as I can.

7:r03; I agree and understand that as property of _______, I no longer own my sexuality, or have right to sexual gratification. And that all sexual gratification whether by myself or with others, is a privilege granted at the grace and pleasure of my Owner. If I wish to seek self sexual gratification, I must first gain approval, and said approval shall last until it is revoked or suspended.

12:r03; I agree and understand that I am subject to chastisement, discipline, punishment, and retaining for any minor breaches of protocol, etiquette, or service according to what ______ sees fit.

13:r03; I agree and understand that my only rewards for service are;

·         The pleasure my service may bring to my Owner,

·         The growth and development that my service may render me

·         The compliments and encouragement that _______ may bestow upon me.

·         The scenes that ________ may grant to me in order to assist me open my eyes or push my boundaries.

·         The affection that ______ may give, only when it had been earned and is deserved.

·         The sexual gratification that _______ may allow me to seek or participate in.

15:r03; I agree and understand that if I breach my contract in anyway deemed by _______ to be a serious offence; my Owner reserves the right to terminate my contract and release me from Service.

I Submissive _____,

I herby agree to, and in sound mind, understand all the above. I herby surrender my will, mind and body into the ownership of ________. I herby pledge my fielty to the House of Cadifor, and its members as my brothers and sisters. I herby promise to carry out my service to the best of my ability; forsaking myself.

I herby solemnly swear all these several points on my honour; for the duration of the contract or until terminated or released from Service by _______.

Signed Submissive __________: ________________________

Signed Master ________: _____________________________

Witnessed Master ________: ____________________________


Mr Lloyd argued there is 'no way... [this relationship] could ever be categorised in law as slavery'.

He urged the public to keep an open mind and said any future jury would be expected to differentiate between 'real slavery... women being kept as sex slaves, and those that are living out a relationship with aspects of play acting'.

Davis and his girlfriends have always lived 'a strange lifestyle with elements of BDSM,' the court heard, but Mr Lloyd stressed that there 'is nothing criminal about that, per se'.

Davis was arrested in March and charged with possessing a slave, reducing a person to slavery and causing a person to remain in servitude after an AFP investigation and a 15-hour raid on his property near Armidale in the New South Wales Northern Tablelands.

Until then, Davis was living with the women in a 'consensual polyamorous BDSM relationship' at the sprawling rural property.

The home, which is 30km out of town, is owned by Davis and his pregnant girlfriend and has bedrooms for each of his other partners.

They split household bills evenly.

The court heard that one of the women is willing to be cross examined under oath, at which point she is expected to explain how important it is to her that Davis is home to witness the birth of their child.

Davis is facing one count of reducing a person to slavery, another of possessing a slave and a third charge of causing a person to enter into servitude.

None of the charges relate to his present girlfriends, and they all insist they are in a consensual and loving polyamorous relationship with the 40-year-old.

The women tuned in to the audio visual link on Monday afternoon to watch as Davis applied for bail.

Daily Mail Australia understands at least three of his girlfriends were going to make the six-hour trek to Sydney from their home to attend the hearing before the city was thrust into a Covid-induced lockdown.

Justice Mark Ierace refused bail, stating the proposed conditions did not satisfy the public's need to assure the safety of any complainants or witnesses.

He is accused of making a woman sign a contract to enter into slavery, forcing her to wear a steel collar and locking her in a cage for up to three days.

But Mr Lloyd argued that each of the women were given collars upon signing their 'play' contract, and that they had access to the Allen keys to unlock the collars whenever they needed.

Police allege the woman was subjected to extreme violence and threatened with court action if she broke the contract for the most minor of indiscretions, like going to the toilet without permission.

It is further alleged the woman was forced to work as a prostitute at a brothel six nights a week and hand over every dollar she earned when Davis was tight on cash.

This allegation will also be 'strenuously denied', Mr Lloyd told the court.

Alleged victim's claims against 'sex slaver'
According to a statement of facts tendered to the court, the alleged victim met Davis met in 2012 when he was in the army and the pair soon began living together at Maroubra in Sydney's eastern suburbs.

The woman allegedly initially consented when Davis began to introduce bondage, discipline sadism and masochism (BDSM) during sex because it did not intrude on their day-to-day lives.

But two months into the relationship Davis allegedly punched her to the ground. He allegedly began isolating the woman from her family and friends and took over handling her finances.

About a month later BDSM began to be incorporated into all aspects of the couple's lifestyle, according to the tendered statement of facts.

Davis allegedly told the woman she had to wear a 'submissive collar', described as a thick stainless steel ring which was secured by an Allen key and worn around her neck at all times.

By the end of 2012 a second woman was allegedly introduced to the relationship, followed by a third. Davis allegedly told the victim she was being promoted to 'slave' and asked her to sign a 'slave contract' which had accompanying 'slave protocols'.

'The accused informed her that the contract was a legally binding contract and if she breached the contract she could be criminally charged in a court,' the statement of facts said.

Davis allegedly told the woman she was 'worthless', 'broken' and useless each time she broke the rules.

The woman was allegedly forced to ask Davis for permission to perform everyday activities, including going to the toilet, or face punishment.

One of the punishments was allegedly being hit with a cane until she bled, which had led to permanent scarring.

The woman allegedly had to be naked at the front door when Davis returned home and remove his shoes so she could kiss his feet.

Police will allege Davis choked the woman to the point of unconsciousness multiple times and locked her in a cage for two nights and three days in a row.

'While the victim was in the cage he would assault her by repeatedly ramming a pole through the bars of the cage and into the victim,' the statement of facts said.

In 2014 the couple moved to Emerald in Queensland where Davis worked as a security guard for a strip club and the woman worked as the madam, allegedly without being paid.

'The accused forced the victim to have her slave number tattooed on her body,' the statement of facts said. 'The victim recalls the slave number started with S/N 95, followed by a unique number.'

Davis is also accused of coercing the woman into prostitution without payment when the pair moved back to Sydney in 2015 and the woman began work in a Surry Hills brothel.

The woman allegedly worked at the brothel six nights a week and was paid cash which Davis allegedly collected from her each morning.

In 2015 the woman escaped and moved into share accommodation, according to the statement of facts.

We do not typically name victims of Rape & Abuse, but this story is already in the public domain.

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